For sale: Luxury number plate for Dh75 million

A fancy number plate is sure to grab eyeballs. But they come for a price. And this one beats them all.

A number plate priced at a whopping Rs132 crore (Dh74.8 million) is up for sale in the UK. It is being dubbed as the world’s costliest number plate, till now.

You might wonder what’s so unique about it or what justifies its stupendous price! Well, this number plate – F1 – denotes Formula 1 and that’s why the enthusiasts are willing to grab it at any cost. Not convinced? Some passions defy logic!

UK-based Afzal Kahn, owner of Kahn Design, has posted the ad for the sale of this number plate. It is currently fixed on his Bugatti Veyron. Kahn himself got the number plate earlier this year for Rs10.52 crore, a Business Today report said.

The plate’s cost is Rs110 crore. But when 20 per cent VAT and transfer fee is added to it, the price of the plate goes up to Rs132 crore.

Citizens in the UK own their number plates. They can sell or auction them, if they wish to. Regtransfers, UK’s leading supplier of official number plates, has advertised many plates — apart from F1 — which are up for grabs. Celebrities like David Beckham and Wayne Rooney are among the website’s clients.

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